CFRP composite foam former


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) material with a foam core


Compared to metal materials and non-composite CFRP of the same strength level, the material is much lighter.
・Firmer and stronger:
Compared to non-composite CFRP, the material is more rigid and has a higher strength (high breaking energy).
・Optional functionality:
A range of functionalities including antivibration, electromagnetic protection and radiolucency are available to be added.
A range of core materials and shape and design options are available to meet the performance needs of each application.


  • ・Windmill blades
  • ・Stuctural member of drones


  • ・Robots' arms
  • ・Interior/exterior and structual members of bicycles, ships and railroads
  • ・Interior/exterior and structural members of automobiles
    Automobile hoods
    Trunk lids
    Engine covers

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