The Sekisui Kasei Group is conducting a broad range of research and development from basic research to production technology in order to provide products that contribute to transforming people’s lifestyles and improving the local environment with technologies that create added value. And in order to appropriately utilize the amassed technologies in business activities, we have positioned intellectual property at the core of our management strategy that includes business and R&D.

Research & Development

The Research & Development, which is our core facility for R&D, handles duties from marketing to product development and improvement for technologies that lead to new business and basic development of new products. The Production Technology Center is working on processes that lead to production innovations and design development for equipment, including the use of IoT and AI. The Research & Development and The Production Technology Center are creating new products in coordination with the Design & Technology departments of each Business Headquarters.

Intellectual Property

The Sekisui Kasei Group recognizes intellectual property as being an important management asset. We have thus set down a basic policy on intellectual property and are carrying out activities in line with that policy.

Basic policy on intellectual property

  • - We make efforts to acquire and maintain intellectual property beneficial to our business activities.
  • - We fully respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • - We lawfully exercise our intellectual property rights.