Realizing sustainable development and contributing to the resolution of social issues through our business activities

President and CEO Masato Kashiwabara

The Sekisui Kasei Group established its Sekisui Kasei Group’s 100th Year Vision in 2009 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company’s founding and to provide a roadmap for further development in the next 50 years leading up to its 100th anniversary. This vision is shared among all members of the Group, and includes the CSR Declaration, “Sekisui Kasei Group, Expanding Our Dreams for People and the Earth.”

With this as a foundation, we believe the most important thing for us to do is fulfill our responsibilities as a company and contribute to the sustainable development of the global society by addressing social issues through our business activities.

On the business front, FY2018 was the final year in our Make Innovations 60 Mid-term Management Plan. During the term of this Plan, we were able to develop new customers and markets in the industrial and lifestyle fields, with a focus in particular on strategic merchandise that contributes to the resolution of social issues. We also acquired shares of Proseat Group, an automotive components manufacturer operating mainly in Europe, and welcomed them to a member of the Sekisui Kasei Group.

We are launching Make Innovations StageII, our new three-year Mid-term Management Plan, in FY2019. In the previous plan, we established a foundation by focusing on “business portfolio transformation” and “reform of the earnings structure.” In the new Mid-term Plan, we will continue to evolve and strengthen those reforms as well as striving for becoming a leading environmental company. Specific themes in the new plan include addressing “strengthening the Group’s management foundation, “and “contributing to a sustainable society” by “Zen-in-keiei.”

On the other hand, our three key themes in our CSR activities are, “manufacture, considering the environment, safety, and quality,” “sincere management activities emphasizing compliance,” and “practices of Zen-in Keiei”. After clarifying our responsibilities to our stakeholders, which include our shareholders, group employees, customers, and the global environment in general, we are working to fulfill our roles.

The problem of ocean plastic waste has become an international concern over the past few years, and the Sekisui Kasei Group will continue to work toward a solution in cooperation with the Japan Plastics Industry Federation. Our mainstay foam plastic products help conserve resources by reducing the amount of raw materials used. Moreover, as a result of our industrywide efforts to promote the recycling of EPS (expandable polystyrene) foam over the past 48 years, about 90% of all EPS (expandable polystyrene) foam is now recycled. We are also focused on strengthening our efforts to put biodegradable plastics into practical use in order to further contribute to a sustainable society.

With the launch of the Environmental and Quality Management Center in April, the Sekisui Kasei Group is showing its commitment to addressing environment and quality-related issues throughout the Group, clarifying its efforts related to SDGs, and further bolstering corporate value.

As part of our focus on workstyle reforms and human resource development, we have formulated and are systematically promoting a three-year action plan aimed at support for raising next generation children and the active participation of women in the Company. I believe we are making steady progress in this area, with the number of female department heads increasing in FY2019 and the hiring ratio for new female graduates already surpassing our goal of over 20%. Moving forward, our goal is to ensure respect for diversity and further promote the careers of women within the Company.

We feel that all of these initiatives are based on our founding spirit of “for the happiness of people working for the Company,” though we also understand that we are still halfway to achieving our corporate goals. As such, we will continue promoting these activities as a single, unified Group. We once again thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support and encouragement.

President and Chief Executive Officer Masato Kashiwabara Masato Kashiwabara