Top Message

President Masato Kashiwabara

Since our foundation in 1959, Sekisui Kasei Group has offered a wide range of products to help ensure a good life for everyone.

In October 2009, to commemorate our 50th anniversary, we created a new vision for the next 50 years called Sekisui Kasei Group’s 100-Year Vision. In 2015, we renewed our operations to respond to changing business environments and have continued our work to become a “plastic solutions company in which global customers can place their trust” by our 100th anniversary in 2059.

The environments around us are rapidly changing. We believe that our corporate culture that encourages employees’ participation in decision making has helped us adapt to such change and ensure consistent progress.

However, we still have a long way to go before achieving our vision. We will continue to work together as a group to fulfill the expectation and trust of all communities to be able to become a company that never stops growing.
We would not be where we are today without our customers. We look forward to continuing to work with all of our customers going forward.

President Masato Kashiwabara