In manufacturing with the consideration of environment, safety and quality, we focus on not only safety and quality of our products from development to use and disposal but also resource-saving and energy-saving through our business activities.

Management Policies for Environment, Safety and Quality

  1. 1.To provide quality and safe products and secure services that satisfy customers.
  2. 2.To achieve zero accidents and disasters and secure health and safety of all the people including employees, stakeholders and local residents in all of our business activities.
  3. 3.To protect environment by considering the environment and safety for all the processes from development to use and disposal of our products.
  4. 4.To care about resource-saving and energy-saving as well as recycling used products in the development and production of our products.
  5. 5.To proceed with responsible care activities, increase the level of environment, safety and quality management and gain trust of the society.
  6. 6.To proceed with business activities by complying with domestic and overseas laws and regulations and regulations and standards of the local government and industries.