Sekisui Kasei Group selects products we improved and invented for reducing environmental loads in all the procedures from development to disposal by using our unique accreditation criteria for 'environmentally-friendly products'.

Standards for Environmental Consideration

Items Environmentally-friendly Standards

Development and designing of products
Other elements for reduction of environmental loads


Reduce: Items whose weight is reduced and space-saving items

Reuse: Repeatedly usable items

Recycle: Items consisting of recycled materials and recyclable products (Easy to separate items for recycle, etc.)

Other elements for reduction of environmental loads

Reduction of wastes: Items enabling reduction in the amount of waste after use

Reduction of environmental loads: Items enabling reduction in toxic substances and volatile solvents
(Except for substances banned for use legally or by Green Procurement Standards for Raw Materials)

Use of sustainable resources:Items enabling effective use of biomass resources
Items enabling replacement of petroleum-based materials and mineral resources

Stage of producing products

Energy-saving items at the time of production
Water-saving items at the time of production
Waste-reducing items at the time of production

Stage of shipping (transporting) products

Energy-saving items at the time of transportation
(Only for products for which an energy-saving system is established)

Stage of using products
(functions of products)

Energy-saving items at the time of use
Items whose duration is improved at the time of use (longer life)
Items reducing environmental loads at the time of use

Stage of disposing and recycling products

Items for which an unique recycling system is established

Active engagement
for environmental contribution

Offset of environmental loads

Items offsetting environments loads (energy and water resources) by feed-in tariff scheme

Support for environmental protection activities

Items contributing to environmental protection activities as 'causebrand merchandise※'

Environmental label products

(type I)

Items for which use of an environmental label mark is approved according to the standards of environmental labeling (type I)

ISO14025 and others
(type III)

Items whose quantitative data on environmental loads are disclosed by LCA according to environmental labeling (type III)

※Causebrand items: Items contributing to the society as part of the sales is donated