Sekisui Kasei Group is working on improvement of quality to provide products and services to satisfy customers.

Basic Idea of Quality Assurance

The idea that the quality of products is judged by customers is our base.
We are very careful about source management to assure quality, starting from the stage of development, to promote products and services which are valuable for customers.

Assuring Quality at The Development Stage

  1. Market needs
    Customer needs
  2. Sales
  3. Development theme
    Evaluation and selection
  4. Design reviewand evaluation of environmental impact
    Review for relevant laws and regulations
    Prior safety review
  5. Initial production control
  6. New products
  7. Market evaluation

Chemical Substance Management

The Sekisui Kasei Group has established a green pro-curement standard for raw materials and with the goal of providing information on chemical substances in its products, manages all chemical substances under ChemSHERPA (short for chemical information sharing and exchange under reporting partnership in supply chain), a domestic information transfer scheme.
In addition, all of our products are labeled according to GHS classifications and their safety data sheets (SDS) are available.

Working on Safety of Products

We are engaged in product development with the consideration of environment, safety and health through the whole life cycle from R&D to disposal of products after use.