Sekisui Kasei Group prioritizes safety and health and tries to prevent accidents and disasters beforehand.

Security Activities

In addition to workplace patrol by the top and safety patrol by the workers of each workplace, the following security activities are carried out.

  1. 【1】Interviews by the head of a workplace

    The head of a workplace interviews with each individual worker. To grasp the behavioral characteristics of individuals quantitatively, the results of surveys on safety behaviors conducted by Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association are used for interviews in some workplaces.

  2. 【2】Designation of 'one day-safety leader'

    'One day-safety leader' is designated in all group companies to raise people's sense of responsibilities and awareness of safety, and unsafe conditions are tried to be found and corrected.

  3. 【3】Meetings for safety in each production section

    Group companies which have similar facilities and work procedures gather to propose safety measures for the facilities and work procedures and promote the implementation.

Safety Dojo (Training hall)

Safety Dojo (Training hall) is established in 11 workplaces in Japan and 5 workplaces in overseas where the simulation of accidents can be experienced as an educational facility to increase workers' awareness and skills for safety. Safety Dojo is used by all the employees for regular safety trainings to learn safety behaviors and education by using simulation facilities.

Safety Dojo (Training hall)

Trainings for Emergency Treatment

Sekisui Kasei Group carries out trainings for handling hazardous substances and high pressure gasses to prevent efflux accidents and fire drills regularly for full-fledged emergency treatment.

Trainings for Emergency Treatment Trainings for Emergency Treatment

Safety and Health Activities

We provide regular safety education, workshops and trainings for employees to work safely, securely and healthily, and conduct risk assessment as part of risk prevention to eliminate or reduce potential risks and hazards in workplaces.

Safety and Health Activities