High heat resistant and Light weight foamed plastics


ST-Eleveat is foamed plastics foam with excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, heat insulation and light weight. Especially suitable for use under a high-temperature conditions.

Examples of developed products

C type : Polycarbonate bead foam
E type : Polyester bead foam


・High heat resistant

C type : 120℃×168hrs
E type : 180℃×168hrs

  • *The dimensional shrinkage of each grade under static temperature conditions is 1% or less.
  • * Especially C type has little change in physical properties from the minus temperature range to the high temperature range.
・Flame retardancy
Passes FMVSS302.
・Light weight
ST-Eleveat is 80-90% lighter compared to non-foamed plastic molded products.
・Moldable into a wide range of shapes:
In principle, ST-Eleveat C type and E type can be processed on the same molding machines which are designed for processing of Epp. It is also possible to make a form core material of CFRP / GFRP composite structure.


  • ・Automobiles / Transportation
  • ・Aircraft / Ships
  • ・Electronic devices
  • ・CFRP / GFRP foam-core sandwich Structure

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