High heat resistant and Light weight foamed plastics

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ST-Eleveat is foamed plastics foam with excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, heat insulation and light weight. Especially suitable for use under a high-temperature conditions.

Examples of developed products

C type : Polycarbonate bead foam
E type : Polyester bead foam


・High heat resistant

C type : 120℃×168hrs
E type : 180℃×168hrs

  • *The dimensional shrinkage of each grade under static temperature conditions is 1% or less.
  • * Especially C type has little change in physical properties from the minus temperature range to the high temperature range.
・Flame retardancy
Passes FMVSS302.
・Light weight
ST-Eleveat is 80-90% lighter compared to non-foamed plastic molded products.
・Moldable into a wide range of shapes:
In principle, ST-Eleveat C type and E type can be processed on the same molding machines which are designed for processing of Epp. It is also possible to make a form core material of CFRP / GFRP composite structure.


  • ・Automobiles / Transportation
  • ・Aircraft / Ships
  • ・Electronic devices
  • ・CFRP / GFRP foam-core sandwich Structure

Product lineup

・ST-Eleveat BIO
Environmentally friendly products that used plant-derived materials.
・ST-Eleveat RE
Environmentally friendly products that used 90% or more of recycled materials.

<E series>
Technical Data

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version. 2.3

subject/test method unit ST-Eleveat
Bio:25-30% Recycle:over 90%
Color - Natural Grey
Part density g/cc 0.15 0.15
Compressive strength
(ISO 844)
5% MPa 1.0 0.9
10% 1.2 1.0
25% 1.5 1.4
modulous 33 28
Bending test
(ISO 1209-2)
maximum stress MPa 1.4 1.5
modulous 42 37
Dimension stability
(ISO 7214)
% <±1% <±1%
Flammability FMVSS 302 - pass(0) pass(0)
UL94 - V-2 V-2
Coefficient of thermal expansion
1/℃ 6.8×10-5 7.1×10-5
Thermal conductivity at 30℃
(JIS A1412-2)
w/m・k 0.040 0.039

The data contained in this document are based on our current knowledge and experience.
Neither do these data imply any guarantee of certain properties, nor the suitability of the product for a specific purpose.

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