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Thermoplastic elastomeric foam


Urethane-like soft foams that are light in weight and elastic like rubber.


・Energy-returning responsiveness:
The rubber-like material is bouncier than EPS and traditional soft foams, offering responsive energy return.
The material has a similar flexibility to traditional soft foams, despite being expanded polystyrene.
・Shape restorability:
With the compression permanent set of 5% or less, the material exhibit good shape restorability, making it less susceptible to deformity.
・Can be molded into any shape:
Pre-expanded resin beads are filled into molds to produce foams of the most complex shapes.


  • ・Sportswear and accessories
  • ・Mattresses and pillows
  • ・Automobile and transportation products
  • ・Healthcare/nursing products
  • ・Disaster-prevention products
  • ・Residential products
  • ・Stationery and craft supplies

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