Pre-expanded polystyrene beads


Pre-expanded polystyrene beads as a raw material for expanded polystyrene (EPS)


<Characteristics of Expanded Polystyrene>

・Heat insulating:
Unconnected voids prevent heat transfer, keeping the temperature warm or cold.
・Shock absorbing:
Offers a combination of cushioning and strength, making it suitable as packaging and shock absorbers.
・Water resistance:
Unconnected voids are inaccessible for water storage, preventing water and moisture buildup.
When expanded by 50 times, the air accounts for 98% of its cubic volumn making it extremely light in weight.
It can be expanded at any rate and molded into any shape to meet the purpose.


・Box for fish and agricultural produce:
Designed to keep food fresh by keeping it warm or cold.
・Shock-absorbing packaging solutions:
Protect delicate equipment and consumer electronics products from shocks during transportation.
・Food packaging and drink cups:
Designed to keep the content warm for a long time.
・Heat insulating building materials:
Energy-saving insulating materials designed to prevent the outside air from entering inside.
・Civil engineering materials:
Suitable as embankment materials for roads and reclaimed land.
・Cushion filling:
Microbeads offer soft and moldable support.


・High-cycle beads:
An energy-saving alternative for a shorter processing time.
・Self-extinguishing ethylene beads:
ESLEN beads that do not contain hexabromocyclododecane flame retardant.

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