Polystyrene paper (PSP)


Paper made by expanding and extruding polystyrene resin.


・Keeps the temperature warm or cold:
Its properties to prevent heat transfer help keep the temperature warm or cold.
When expanded by 10 times, the air accounts for 90% of its cubic volumn.
Materials are expanded to offer lightweight performance.
PSP can be easily processed - Can be laminated with films for cosmetic effects.
Food packaging made of PSP can be easily recycled. It can be recycled into a wide range of plastic products including food packaging.


<Food Packaging>

  • ・Cuts of meat
  • ・Trays for fresh fish
  • ・Prepared meals packaging
  • ・Natto beans packaging
  • ・Trays for industrial use
  • ・Trays for parts, etc.

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