Non-cross-linked polypropylene foam sheet


Non-cross-lined foamed sheets made from extruding polypropylene resin. A range of densities are available to meet various quality and packaging needs.


・Heat resistant:
Heat resistant to up to 120℃.
・Shape restorability:
This wrinkle-resistant material has excellent shape restorability.
・Shock resistant:
Their shock-resistant properties are leveraged in a range of shock absorbers, trays for electronic parts and screen protectors.
・Resistant to chemicals:
Resistant to damage by chemicals and oil.
*The antistatic grade is also available.


Mobile product trays;
Shock-absorbing packaging for small hard discs;
Trays for printer parts
Trays for small LCD modules;
Screen/surface protectors for digital appliances such as flat TVs and electronic parts;
Protective, shock-absorbing packaging for substrates and computer parts;
Protective sheets for transporting glass, cells and modules for LCDs between factories


High-density foam sheets
*The permanent heat resistance grade offers antistatic performance that does not wash off easily, making it suitable as returnable transportation trays.
Low-density foam sheets with long-lasting antistatic properties suitable for repeated use
*The self-antistatic design does not require separate antistatic agents that can contaminate protected products.

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