Hard acrylic foam


Rigid foam boards made by foaming rigid acrylic resin.
A range of densities are available to meet various quality needs.


・Mechanical strength:
Compared to rigid foams of the same density, the material has a higher resistance to tension, bending and compression.
・Heat resistant:
The heat distortion temperature of ST-FOAMAC S is 115℃*.
*According to DIN53424 German engineering standard
The material can be cut out or trimmed off by tools. Unsaturated polyester, synthetic rubber and epoxy can be used as adhesives.
A weathering test using Weatherometer demonstrated its resistance to discoloration by sunlight (500 hours).


・Cores for sandwich structures:
Suitable as cores for sandwich structures coated with FRP, aluminium, iron, playwood and decorative laminate
・Sports equipment:
Cores of skis, surfing boards and racket grips
・Ships and aircrafts:
Cores for FRP ship hulls, stringers, decks, airframes and containers
Cores for X-ray tables


The standard grade offering the heat distortion temperature of 115℃.
The heat-resistant grade offering the heat distortion temperature of 170℃.

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