At Sekisui Kasei Group, we maintain fair and transparent purchasing practices to always remain open to new, better products and services, as well as to offer equal opportunities to all suppliers.
We work with our suppliers to maintain purchasing practices in accordance with the following purchasing policy and, in turn, to promote sustainable business growth and green purchasing of each other.

Purchasing and Procurement Policy:

[1] Legal Compliance:

All purchasing must be performed in accordance with laws and regulations as well as prevailing social norms.

[2] Mutual Trust:

We shall remain open to and offer equal and fair opportunities to both domestic and international suppliers and develop mutual beneficial relationships to ensure each other’s success.

[3] Environmentally Preferable Purchasing:

We shall prefer to purchase materials and parts that have lesser impact on the Earth’s environment from environmentally-friendly sources to help achieve a resource-circulating society. (Promotion of Green Purchasing)

[4] Being legally compliant means:

  • • Being compliant with laws and regulations as well as prevailing social and ethical norms;
  • • Addressing issues regarding human rights and working conditions as priorities;
  • • Actively engaging in activities to conserve the environment and ensure safety, and
  • • Purchasing from financially sound suppliers to ensure sustainable relationships.
  • • Maintaining appropriate standards of quality, price and delivery, constantly improving quality assurance procedures.