Mid-term Management Plan
"Spiral-up 2024"

We have formulated a Mid-Term Management Plan with a three-year implementation period from FY2022 to FY2024. In addition to the PDCA cycle, we are committed to creating a virtuous cycle between the challenge of “realizing a sustainable society” and the “sustainable enhancement of our corporate value”.

Basic policy

To contribute to a sustainable society, and to achieve the sustainable enhancement of our corporate value, we will establish a resilient earnings base based on ESG management.

Key Issues

1. Strengthen the earnings structure
(1) Restructuring the business portfolio (5 priority fields)
Food Housing/Energy Electronics Mobility Medical/Healthcare Food Housing/Energy Electronics Mobility Medical/Healthcare
(2) Constructing a highly profitable structure in the Proseat business
(3) Strengthening cost competitiveness through innovations in production
(4) Rapidly generating profits from developed products
2. Shift to businesses that solve environmental and social issues
(5) Expanding Sustainable Star Products through recycling-based business
(6) Striving to achieve carbon neutrality
3. Reinforce our management foundations
(7) Strengthening efforts to address materiality (key management issues)
(8) Enhancing financial health

Mid-term Management Plan Explanatory Materials