SEKISUI KASEI Group conducts a wide range of research and development, from basic research to production technology, in order to provide products that contribute to lifestyle innovation and global environmental conservation using technologies that create added value. In addition, in order to properly utilize cultivated technologies in our business activities, we position intellectual property as the core of our management strategy.

Research & Development Policy

  • - Develop new products that contribute to the growth of the company
    Sharpen marketing thinking and promote development based on hypothetical needs and actively utilize and promote interaction with other industries.
  • - Engage in technological development that leads to enhancement and expansion of existing businesses
    Promote solution development and technological innovation that will help enhance existing businesses from the three perspectives of “economic value,” “social value,” and “environmental value.”
  • - Nurture creative personnel who think about and experiment with business
    We have our own thoughts and put our “desire to achieve something” into practice.

Research & Development

The Research & Development Center, which is our central facility for R&D, is responsible for a series of tasks related to research on core technologies and development of new products that lead to new businesses. Within the Center, the R&D Planning Dept., the Basic Research Laboratory, the Development Dept., the Intellectual Property Dept., the Evaluation Test Dept., and the Product Development Dept. work to speed up the development cycle by conducting integrated R&D from problem setting through marketing to mass production, which leads to commercialization.

Intellectual Property

SEKISUI KASEI Group recognizes intellectual property as being an important management asset. We have thus set down a basic policy on intellectual property and are carrying out activities in line with that policy.

Basic policy on intellectual property

  • - We make efforts to acquire and maintain intellectual property beneficial to our business activities.
  • - We fully respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • - We lawfully exercise our intellectual property rights.

Brand policy

SEKISUI KASEI Group has established operating rules on a global scale and focuses on training employees to comply with them, in order to ensure that Group employees understand and use brands correctly and to enhance their value. We also take a firm stance against infringements such as counterfeit products that damage our brands.