Business Direction for 2030 “Target 2030”

SEKISUI KASEI Group has formulated a goal of what it aims to be by 2030. This goal outlines our approach for realizing “new happiness” by facing head on the drastically changing social environment as well as environmental issues. We will continue to be a company that is needed by society, consumers, and customers by ensuring that all employees work to create value through “Zen-in Keiei” and by transforming our business model.

Basic Policy

Realize co-existence of “Contribution to a Sustainable Society” and “Sustainable Enhancement of Corporate Value”.

Zen-in Keiei

Business Domains

Technology x Materials x TransformationTechnology x Materials x Transformation

“ Target 2030 ” Basic Strategy

We will pursue two basic strategies to realize Target 2030.

  • 1. Enhancement of corporate value by pursuing a highly profitable structure
  • 2. Promotion of ESG management that supports sustainable growth

2030 Basic Strategy2030 Basic Strategy