The foundation that supports the practice of our philosophy is the Group culture of “Zen-in Keiei.” This is an evolution of the concept of “Zen-in Sanka Keiei” (management participated by all the employees), which emerged when the Company was founded. We value it even now. As we look ahead to our 100th year, this is the DNA of our company that we would like to pass on through the ages.

The mindset of Zen-in Keiei

  • "Masao Fukumoto, the third president and the person who was effectively in charge of the Company from the time of its founding, spoke about “Zen-in Sanka Keiei,” in which all employees take part in management, as follows.
  • A company is a sacred place for those who seek to be happy as human beings through the rewards they earn by working hard and earning by their own hands. Those who seek happiness can only receive a greater and fairer share of the profits if they think about how the company should be managed, make proposals, actively participate, and work with their own hands and sweat. The “Zen-in Sanka Keiei” philosophy and system was established to enable this.
The 3rd President Masao Fukumoto
The 3rd President
Masao Fukumoto

According to the concept of management by all members' participation, they do not act, just following an order from the top, but voluntarily on their own decision. In the culture Sekisui Kasei has nurtured, mutual learning to develop the strength and personality of each individual is valued.

Zen-in Keiei

Both the people and company grow based on management by all members' participation (Zen-in Keiei)

What is Zen-in Keiei?

What is Zen-in Keiei? What is Zen-in Keiei?