Since its founding, SEKISUI KASEI Group has advanced its foaming and polymerization technologies while also working on monozukuri (manufacturing craftsmanship) in harmony with the environment, including energy conservation and recycling, with the aim of creating a low-carbon and recycling-based society.
But now, in light of the severity of climate change, ocean pollution, and other global-scale challenges, we feel the need to explore new possibilities and build solutions to our environmental problems. Aiming for a future in which people and the earth are healthy together, we will promote SKG-5R and continue to take on the challenge of innovation in our products and business activities.

Environment Policy

Basic Policy

SEKISUI KASEI Group, through its business activities, contributes to realizing a sustainable society where people and our planet continue to live harmoniously.

  • 1. Addressing Climate Change
    In our business activities and throughout the life-cycle of our products and services, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality through reductions in energy usage and effective utilization of resources.
  • 2. Resources Circulation
    With the aim of building a society with material circulation, we pursue innovations that lead to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and "Replace, Re-Create" based on our unique technologies.
  • 3. Ecosystems Conservation
    By making efforts for the secure management, treatment and reuse of the chemical substances used and the waste generated, we will contribute to the conservation of rich ecosystems.
  • 4. Compliance and Information Disclosure
    We comply with laws, regulations, ordinances and international rules and we disclose the information relating to the environment timely for the communication and mutual understanding with society.
  • 5. Education and Enlightenment
    We make efforts for the continuous education and enlightenment to improve the knowledge of our employees and promote the activities to mitigate environmental impacts through management by all members' participation (Zen-in Keiei).


For the creation of a sustainable society, SEKISUI KASEI Group has been fostering SKG-5R since FY2019, and made the SKG-5R STATEMENT and set the two targets to be achieved by FY2030. Toward the achievement, we will foster Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Re-create (5Rs), thereby contributing to the solution of global issues as listed in the SDGs.

SKG-5R 3Rs for the creation of a recycling-based society 2Rs based on the Sekisui Kasei Group's unique technologies SKG-5R 3Rs for the creation of a recycling-based society 2Rs based on the Sekisui Kasei Group's unique technologies

Target 1. Create “Sustainable Star Product” and expand their market

  • We develop and design products that take into account environmental impacts and limited resources throughout the life cycle, from the raw material procurement stage to the use stage and the disposal and recycling stage. Under SKG-5R, products with a particularly high contribution to the environment are certified as Sustainable Star Products and their expansion is promoted as an indicator.
  • Targets for FY2030Targets for FY2030

Target 2. CO₂ emissions
Reduce CO₂ emissions to virtually zero in FY2050

  • Reduce FY2030 CO₂ emissions (Scope 1+2) by 27% compared to FY2018Under SKG-5R, CO₂ emissions in Scope 1+2 were set to be reduced by 27% by FY2030 (compared to FY2018).
    Today, as the world focuses on tackling climate change, we regard the achievement of the 2030 target as a milestone, and will accelerate our efforts to achieve our new goal of carbon neutrality by FY2050.
  • Targets for FY2030 Targets for FY2050Targets for FY2030 Targets for FY2050

Climate Change Initiatives

Endorsement of TCFD Recommendations

SEKISUI KASEI has expressed our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (hereinafter TCFD*) in 2022.


Going forward, the Group will work to disclose information on our response to climate change in line with the TCFD recommendations, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities, and strengthen our management foundation for the sustainable growth of the Group.
* TCFD: A task force established in 2015 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international organization dedicated to stabilizing the financial system. The TCFD encourages companies to disclose information on climate change risks and opportunities.

RC Internal Inspection System

SEKISUI KASEI Group conduct RC internal inspection by an inspection team with the chairman of the RC internal inspection committee to be the leader. The results and status of RC activities are checked by inspection of the documents and observation of the on-site and the results are reflected to the policies and targets of the next fiscal years to improve RC activities.

About responsible care (RC) activities

Each corporation which handles chemicals voluntarily secures 'environment, safety and quality' from the development to manufacturing, distribution, use, final consumption and disposal of chemicals and opens the results of the activities to have dialogue and communication with the society.

Responsibale Care