R&D TOP Message

Hideyuki Asada Director and Managing Executive Officer
Head of Research & Development Center,
General Manager of GX Development Department

Today, we are living through unpredictable times in a world that is full of uncertainty. The ability to respond flexibly and swiftly to changes is crucial to seizing opportunities in times such as these.
Various countries and companies around the world have pledged to go carbon neutral, and as a result, companies are making a shift towards management that places equal emphasis on economic and social value. Furthermore, with the increasing prevalence of the use of data science in the R&D field, I think that companies are breaking away from conventional labor-intensive businesses and changing significantly to rapidly drive new value creation through co-creation.

SEKISUI KASEI Group’s own R&D activities promote the creation of new businesses by formulating, testing, and developing various hypotheses centered on our unique SKG-5R initiative, in a bid to achieve sustainable growth as well as the coexistence of environmental and social contributions and economic value.
We, as a developer, believe that the ability to look toward the future, the aspiration to succeed, and the ability to envision how our customers will be delighted with our offerings are the most important qualities for promoting R&D.

We will actively utilize not only the technologies we have cultivated thus far, but also digital technologies and external knowledge, in order to harness our human capabilities to drive SEKISUI KASEI’s unique R&D.