Starting with environment-friendly manufacturing

  • SEKISUI KASEI Group has been advancing its foam and polymerization technologies developed over the years since its founding while at the same time fostering environment-friendly manufacturing, aiming to contribute to the creation of a low-carbon, recycling-based society.
  • However, the severity of issues such as global climate change and marine pollution now makes us feel that we need to search for new possibilities and solutions to address these environmental problems.
  • We have therefore set out the SKG-5R.
    For a future in which both the Earth and the people who live on it remain sound, we will continue to innovate our products and business activities.
  • Resource saving省資源
  • Energy-saving effect省エネルギー効果
  • Reduction of waste廃棄物削減

What is SKG-5R?

For the creation of a sustainable society, SEKISUI KASEI Group has been fostering SKG-5R since FY2019, and made the SKG-5R STATEMENT.
Toward the achievement, we will foster Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Re-create (5Rs), thereby contributing to the solution of global issues as listed in the SDGs.

SKG-5R Create Sustainable Star Products and expand their market CO2 emissions SKG-5R Create Sustainable Star Products and expand their market CO2 emissions

SKG-5R Report 2023

For more information on SKG-5R Report 2023, please click here.

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Sustainable Star Product

We develop and design products in consideration of the finiteness of resources used in them and their environmental impact throughout their life cycles, from the procurement of materials and use of the products through to their disposal and recycling.

In SKG-5R, we certify those products among our sustainable products that make even greater contributions to the environment as “Sustainable Star Product,” aiming to expand them in line with the indicators set to this end, specifically the number of registrations and the share of total sales, toward reducing our environmental impact at a higher level.

Creation of the “Sustainable Star Product” logo Creation of the “Sustainable Star Product” logo

Climate Change Initiatives

We are implementing our SKG-5R (FY2030) target to reduce CO₂ emissions by 27% from FY18 levels. As global efforts to address climate change issues accelerate, we view the achievement of the 2030 target as a milestone, and will accelerate our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality (net zero emissions) by FY2050.

Target Main Initiatives Target Main Initiatives