Quality Policy

Basic Policy

SEKISUI KASEI Group pursue the quality with customer perspective and provides valuable products and services that satisfy our customers and society.

  • 1. Providing Satisfactory Quality
    Building in the quality which satisfies customers requirements, we provide safe and secure products and services that satisfy the customers.
  • 2. Thorough Quality Control
    By thorough quality control from procurement of raw materials to delivery of products, we work on prevention and recurrence prevention of defects by all the group members in pursuit of higher-quality manufacturing.
  • 3. Perform Quality Assurance
    We take the opinions and assessments of the customer seriously and use them for the improvements and we aim appropriate information disclosure and quick resolution with customer perspective for the complaints and requests for improvements from the customers.
  • 4. Compliance
    We comply with laws, regulations and ordinances relating to the quality, and we work to maintain and enhance thorough quality management.
  • 5. Education and Enlightenment
    Through continuous educational and enlightenment programs, we promote improvement quality awareness and strengthen management capabilities.

Basic Idea of Quality Assurance

The idea that the quality of products is judged by customers is our base.
We are very careful about source management to assure quality, starting from the stage of development, to promote products and services which are valuable for customers.

Assuring Quality at The Development Stage

  1. Market needs
    Customer needs
  2. Sales
  3. Development theme
    Evaluation and selection
  4. Design reviewand evaluation of environmental impact
    Review for relevant laws and regulations
    Prior safety review
  5. Initial production control
  6. New products
  7. Market evaluation

Chemical Substance Initiatives

In order to provide information swiftly to our customers, we use ChemSHERPA (a scheme for standardizing information handling in Japan) to manage the chemical substances contained in our products. SEKISUI KASEI Group has also established a green procurement standard for raw materials and strives not only to thoroughly comply with laws and regulations, but also to develop products that take into account the environment, safety, and health.

Response to Food Sanitation Act Revisions

The partial revision of the Food Sanitation Act (effective June 2020) introduced a “Positive List” system for food utensils, containers, and packaging. The Group has filed notifications at applicable manufacturing sites, and complies with the revised Food Sanitation Act for all products that fall under the category of food utensils, containers, and packaging.

Respond to Consumer Problems

Responding to Accidents/Defects on Products

We developed internal regulations to deal with product accidents. When an accident occurs, responsible departments take the lead in promptly response based on the regulations, with full consideration of the customers’ perspective, and related departments cooperate in finding a solution as necessary. In the case of a serious product accident, responsible departments promptly report to the top management and takes rapid, appropriate response.

Raising Customer Satisfaction

The Group attempts to identify customer needs using inquiries via our corporate website and by visits to customers, in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.