Neo Flatboard

Non-cross-linked polypropylene foam board


Board-shaped foams made from flattening extruded polypropylene resin sheets. A range of densities are available to meet various quality needs.


・Flexible, light-weight:
Lightweigt, sturdy, crack-resistant foamed boards.
Can be easily cut out or trimmed off. Their resistance to bending and torsion makes them suitable as returnable boxes and dividers.
・Heat and oil resistant:
Heat and oil resistance of polypropylene resin is leveraged in automobile interior materials, as well as returnable boxes and dividers for industrial products.

*The antistatic grade offers antistatic performance which will not wash off.


  • ・A range of curing boards
  • ・Delivery-box liners
  • ・Returnable boxes and dividers

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