Our diverse material product range and expertise in product protection enable us to offer packaging material solutions best suited to your logistic challenges.


・Logistics packaging solutions for consumer electronics and IT equipment
Whatever the size, shape and purpose of your products, we offer the best material options.
Protective packaging solution “PIOCELAN”: Designed to absorb impact during long-distance global transportation.
・Logistic packaging solutions for electronics parts
We offer material options that can meet not only the impact resistance requirements but also the efficiency requirements with regard to packing, unpacking and loading.
“PIOCELAN” dunnage boxes: Designed for high impact resistance and dimensional stability, they can also be used as returnable boxes.
“PIOCELAN” robot trays: Light-weight trays designed to improve the efficiency of robotic assembly lines.
“Neo-Microlen” trays: Returnable trays with long-lasting antistatic options.
・Logistics packaging solutions for liquid crystal panels and large glasses
We offer packaging solutions to prevent damage to products that need to be handled with great care such as liquid crystal panels and large glasses.
“PIOCELAN” cell boxes: Cell boxes designed to prevent deformation and cracking of panels and glasses.
“Neo-Microlen” sheets: Protective sheets to prevent scratching of panels and glasses.

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