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TECHPOLYMER is a brand name for organic polymer microparticles. It is added to paint to reduce surface gloss, create texture effects and increase abrasion resistance.


・Texture effects:
Reduces surface gloss and create texture effects.
・Diffusion property:
Surface finish and solvent resistance can be adjust to exhibit excellent diffusion property to a range of solvents.
・Abrasion resistant:
Forms an abrasion-resistant coat.
・Distinct surface quality:
The Soft Grade is available for those who want to add a soft feel.
・Minimized particle shedding:
Compared to inorganic microparticles, it creates a coat with very little particle shedding.


  • ・Reducing surface gloss and creating texture effects.
  • ・Adding a distinctive surface feel.
  • ・Increasing abrasion resistance.

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