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Hydrogel cosmetic masks


ST-gel is a brand name for a range of high-performance gel materials. ST-gel CP is a range of hydrogen masks that we offer as OEM skincare/cosmetic products.


• Gradual release of effective ingredients:
The gel texture allows moisturizing ingredients to be gradually released into the skin throughout the day/night for maximum benefits.
• Cooling benefits:
Gel offers a long-lasting cooling relief.
• Excellent water retention:
Gel can be produced to contain a high proportion of water.
• Soft, jelly-like texture:
The jelly-like texture feels soft on skin and gently covers the skin.
• Ingredients retention property:
Even heat-sensitive ingredients can be combined in gel.
• Transparent appearance:
The transparent material creates a more premium appearance than unwoven fabric.


・Skincare masks (cosmetics/quasi-pharmaceutical products)
A range of masks of different shapes for the whole face, under the eyes, cheeks and the lips are available.
Hydrogel masks are used in spas for both facecare and bodycare.

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