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A range of electrode and processed gel products for medical professionals.


ST-gel is a brand name for a range of high-performance gel materials. Solvents such as water and water retention agents, electrolytes and additives are embedded in a three-dimensional polymer matrix to form a stable structure.
ST-gel is used in healthcare facilities as electrodes for biological measurement that can detect and measure biological signals.


  • ・Biological sensors
  • ・Electrodes for electrocardiogram
  • ・Electrodes for electroencephalogram
  • ・Return electrodes for electrocauterization


・ISO 10993-compliant biocompatible medical device: Safety tests was performed according to ISO10993;
Cytotoxicity tests according to ISO10993-5:2009;
Irritation / Intracutaneous Reactivity tests according to ISO10993-10:2010;
Sensitization tests according to ISO10993-10:2009
・Medical devises (Compliance with the Medicines Act)
Design, development, manufacturing and quality management of biological electrodes according to the Ministerial Order on QMS.

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