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Cosmetic additive


TECHPOLYMER is a brand name for organic polymer microparticles. It is added to cosmetic products for an improved texture and wrinkle coverage.


• MB-C/MBX-C Series for multiple purposes:
PMMA spherical microparticles have an excellent lubricating effect, which is typically used to improve the texture of cosmetic foundations.
• ACX-C Series for softening effects:
Spherical microparticles of cross-linked polyacrylic acid ester. They have a low compressive strength and are typically used for softening effects.
• MBP porous materials Series:
Porous spherical microparticles of cross-linked PMMA. Their oil-absorbing property makes them an ideal matting additive.
• ACP-C porous materials Series:
Porous spherical microparticles characterized by a soft texture and oil-absorbing property. Their preference to react with oleic acid makes them chemically attach to the skin, giving foundations a long-lasting effect.
• LMX-C Series for special purposes:
Convex-shaped microparticles of cross-linked PMMA. Their light reflective property is typically used for soft focus effects.
• AQX/AQP-C hydrophilic Series:
Spheric microparticles of hydrophilically-improved cross-linked PMMA. They can be combined in a range of skincare and cosmetic products.


・A full range of base makeup products:
Primers, foundations, concealers, etc.
・Makeup colors:
Eyeshadow, lipsticks

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